i need this emoji

Your Dealer

Take Me To Your Dealer

Get a Bong

Marijuana Can't we all just get a bong?

Colorful Bud

Colorful Bud


Keep Calm and Rip Bongs


Drug-Related Violence Up 15%

The Bag

When you can smell the weed before opening the bag

Stoner Chicks

Stoner Chicks over Drunk Chicks anyday

High as Fuck

Let's Get High as Fuck and Fuck High.

Fire Breathe

I don't so drugs... I set plants on fire and breathe

Rough Sex

Rough Sex - If nothing is broken, you are doing it wrong.

Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass


Happiness is a drug and I want to be your dealer.

What time?

What time is it?

Mom pipe

Mom said she found this pipe in my car and that we need to talk...


Viagra can have some side effects

Curvy girls

Curvy girls are beautiful.. bones are for dogs; meat is for men.

Video Game

Describe your sex life with a video game title

Nature Illegal

It's a very strange thing when you make Nature Illegal


Keep Calm and Smoke Weed


Stop! Everyone Go Back!! It's A Blowjob!

Rainy days

for the rainy days