Roll On It

Roll Your Weed On It

Ass Grass

All i need is Ass and Grass

name a film

Name a film and replace one word with 'vagina'

Bad Person

YES I Smoke Weed NO I'm not a bad person

No Regret

Weed - No Hangover, No Regret

The Colony

The Colony is going to love this!

Sex with you

I have had sex with you a lot in my head.

Make you Happy

What can I do to make you happy? Roll me a Blunt!

Plants on Fire

I don't so drugs... I set plants on fire and breathe

Must have Sex

Why I Must Have Sex With You

Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass


I changed my facebook name to benefits so when you add me it says you are now friends with benefits

Wake n Bake

Wake n Bake Coffee Mug

Stoner Chicks

Stoner Chicks over Drunk Chicks ANYDAY

smoke some

Stoners live and stoners die. but in the end we all get high. So if in life you don't succeed, fuck this shit and smoke some weed.


Keep Blazing Stay Amazing

another word

Name another word for marijuana

Bad Good


It Up

Roll It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It Up.

FB Blunt

You've just been passed the FB Blunt. Lets see how many people we can pass it to